Aircraft Simulators

aircraft simulator

Smoke systems are heavily used in aircraft simulators to help create the most realistic and safest training environment possible for trainees. A variant of the ViCount smoke machine is used to produce a aerosol / fog particle size of 0.2mmd micron (compared to typical entertainment fog systems that create a particle size of 2-5 micron). The small particle size means that dramatically less fog fluid is used to create the reduced visibility training environment.

The standard aircraft simulator smoke systems are configured to use smoke Oil 135 but the smoke machines can be re-configured to use water based smoke fluid if required.

Typically, smoke from the aircraft simulator smoke system would be passed under pressure through flexible ducting using a continuously rated centrifugal blower. Using the simulators A/C system as a means of control the smoke can be evenly distributed throughout the cockpit.

Bespoke systems are constantly being developed to exact customer specification, so please contact us if you have any questions.