FTS Box (Fire Training Simulator)

(Fire Training Simulator)

The new FTS Box is a fantastic way of enhancing fire training scenarios along with artificial smoke. This impressive unit has 10 high power / high quality LED’s that intermittently flicker, creating a powerful visual effect.

It is made from a strong / durable polycarbonate chassis with an IP 54 rating.


The FTS Box has 6 pre recorded hour long scenarios on-board (fire, flames, flooding riot) and offers the ability to record a seventh. It also allows users to intermittently introduce interactive sounds over the top of the main soundtrack (sirens, screaming, building collapse, electrical arc, gas leak, metal falling).

The FTS Box is completely wireless. It utilises a long life battery (4 hours) and is radio remote controlled so there is no need for trailing wires. One radio remote control can control several FTS Boxes at once.

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