Hot Smoke / Car Park Ventilation Testing

Hot Smoke Tests

Photos courtesy of Janusz Paliszek – Inbepo

The ViCount and Vulcan fog machines create an oil based fog which evaporates much slower than water-based fog. For example, in a tunnel test, the fog from a ViCount travels 1000’s of meters, compared to a typical water-based fog machine that may produce an effect which will stay visible for just 100 meters. Just one ViCount can replace 10 or more conventional water-based fog machines.

Another feature of the oil-based fog is its temperature resistance. The ViCount and Vulcan both create a smoke that is resistant to temperature of up to almost 400°F. This allows the ViCount and Vulcan to be effectively used with LPG fire places or suitable heat source to give a thermally buoyant fog effect (the most realistic artificial fog – without actually creating a fire).

HMS Excellent / Raleigh (one of the worlds largest hot fire training centres) have over 100 ViCount fog systems used to enhance and add realism to the LPG fuelled fire places. The ViCount’s were installed in 2001 and have accumulated over 1,000,000 operating hours. The facility operator has rated the reliability and serviceability of the machine at 95%!

When water-based fog machines (which we manufacture a large number of) are used for large scale testing or used to create a thermally buoyant fog effect, you can find that the results are completely different as to what you would get from an oil-based fog machine. Water-based fogs evaporate relatively quickly (compared to the ViCount and Vulcan), this can leave the impression that the ventilation system is working effectively whereas if the test were repeated using the correct apparatus the results could be completely different.

Photos courtesy of Janusz Paliszek – Inbepo